Do you have trouble sleeping because you’re worried about your home’s safety? Stop right there. Protect what’s most valuable to you with help from Mirai‘s cutting-edge CCTV systems and innovative data solutions.

Our services

CCTV systems

Our state-of-the-art CCTV systems will give you the most dependable level of security available. We stock and install the most popular models from top manufacturers, including Dahua, Hikvision, IMOU, and Hilook. With our high-tech surveillance equipment, you can keep an eye on your property around the clock.

Data Points and Wi-Fi Extenders

With our professionally placed data points and Wi-Fi extenders, you can stay online without a hitch. We make sure your house or business has a reliable network to meet all of your requirements.

Why choose us

Proficient Knowledge of Safety Measures

We have extensive experience in the field, so we know how crucial it is to have secure systems in place. Our staff is qualified to evaluate your specific requirements and suggest improvements to your home that will meet those demands.

Top-Rated Products

The brands that we work with are well-respected for their reliability and creativity. Our data solutions and CCTV systems are cutting edge, so you can rest well.

Tailor-made Solutions

We reject the notion that a universal solution exists. That’s why we collaborate directly with you to develop a data and security architecture that meets your needs.

Expert Setup and Placement

The CCTV systems and data points will be installed without a hitch thanks to our qualified professionals. You can have faith that everything is properly calibrated and ready to go.

Are you prepared to initiate change for a better, more interconnected world? To arrange a site inspection, please contact us at 0424 529 008. Our team of professionals will look over your property and give you a free, comprehensive estimate.

Put your trust in Mirai to provide the safety and connection your property requires. Put your troubles behind you and welcome a brighter, more interconnected future!