Design and install Generator backup circuits

Protect Your Electrical System with the Help of Experienced Generator Back-Up Services

You need a solid backup strategy to provide continuous power. In the event of a power loss, you can rely on Mirai to design and install generator backup circuits to keep your home, store, or factory operational.

Expertise in Tailored Data Protection Strategies

Personalised services are vital, and we get that. After carefully considering your requirements, our skilled team will craft a backup generator system that works in tandem with your current electrical infrastructure.

Integration of a Transfer Switch

A reliable backup system should have a changeover switch. Our technicians will rewire your switchboard so that you can easily switch between using the grid and your backup power source.

Installing a Reliable Circuit for a Generator

Our trained specialists have the tools and knowledge to set up the electrical connections for your generator. We promise an accurate and proficiently implemented power backup system.

So, Why Pick Us?

Constant Dependability

It is crucial to have dependable backup power. Our installations are planned and carried out with care so that they run smoothly and reliably.

Tailor-made Answers

Every building has different electricity needs, and we get that. We offer individualised services to meet your requirements and give you peace of mind knowing you have a solid backup strategy.

Security and Regulations

All of our setups are designed with safety in mind. We ensure your complete satisfaction by adhering to all applicable rules and regulations in the course of our job.

Open and Honest Pricing

We want to be as honest and open as possible with our prices. Get a complete breakdown of the installation price when you call us at 0424 529 008 for a free quote.

Get Ready to Protect Your Power!

Don’t risk giving away your influence. Call us at 0424 529 008 to have a generator backup solution expert come out and give you a free, no-obligation quote.

When you hire Mirai, you’re getting more than simply backup power systems; you’re getting guaranteed peace of mind. You may rely on us to install backup generators that wil last